Are You Moving to Barrie?

Are you considering a move to the Barrie area? Perhaps you’re already in the process of running around with your real estate agent, trying to find that perfect new home. But there’s one important factor that you might not have thought of as you check features off your wish list.

Hard water. Water in Barrie ranges from 9.5-21 grains per gallon, depending on what end of town you are in. To put this in perspective, that qualifies water across Barrie from ‘hard’ to ‘very hard’ on a scale. Especially if you are coming from an area with lower levels of hardness, in Barrie you are going to have to reckon with the effects of hard water.

What is hard water?

Simply put, hard water is water with high concentrations of various minerals, predominantly calcium and magnesium. These minerals build up over time on surfaces and inside pipes, leaving a coating in your shower, sink, faucets, inside your kettle and various other places. This can lead to everyday frustrations like a clogged shower head, white particles in boiled water, stubborn soap scum, and more.

Why is hard water an issue?

Hard water can affect your household and your own body in numerous ways, both seen and unseen. Aside from the effects noted above, many people’s skin reacts harshly to hard water. Minerals build up on the skin, irritating skin conditions and clogging pores. Minerals condense on your hair, particularly around the roots, aggravating dandruff and weighing your hair down.
High concentrations of minerals in water nullify much of the potency of soap, leaving you to use extra shampoo, extra laundry detergent, and extra dish soap to get the job done. The colour and strength of fabrics repeatedly washed in hard water will also suffer.
Unseen mineral build up can begin to clog your pipes and the inner workings of dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators. This limits efficiency and the lifespan of your appliances, costing you money without your knowledge.
In many cities, the level of hardness in municipal water is low enough that these issues are manageable. But if you live in the city of Barrie, you are going to have to address your hard water in some way.

How can I get rid of hard water?

Though there are many Band-Aid methods of combating hard water which could work for you in an area with naturally softer water, the simplest option is to install a home water-softening system. The system is connected directly to your new home’s water lines and softens water to every corner of your household. No more chalky build up – anywhere! For further cleaning, you can even add on a Reverse Osmosis system to purify your drinking water. An RO system will remove harmful chlorine, industrial chemicals, unwanted smells, iron, and more.

How will I benefit from soft water?

Your body:
Water is absolutely vital for the human body, but this goes beyond mere survival. Water is necessary for the daily health, maintenance and function of your body. Your blood, your brain, your organs, your skin – they all need plenty of water to get you through the day, repair and flush toxins. But if that water is laden with chemicals, chlorine, and other unwanted substances, you are putting yourself at risk over time. Drinking and bathing in purified, soft water will do your hair and skin more favours than any outrageously priced skin cream. 

Your home:
Soft water will increase the efficiency and life of appliances, give you cleaner and longer-lasting clothes, and speed up your cleaning routines. Your coffee and ice will taste better. Your shower will require half of the scrubbing. And no more combating white flakes in your kettle.

Your wallet:
Installing a home water softener and/or RO system is not only a long-term investment in your health and home, but it can have substantial financial benefits. It goes without saying that appliances that are not subjected to mineral build up can enjoy a longer lifespan. Soaps – shampoo, laundry and dishwasher detergent – will have a greater effect in soft water, as its foaming action is not impeded by unwanted minerals and chemicals. You can reduce the number of cleaning products which you use and there is no need for those added Band-Aid products. Households that would otherwise rely on bottled water will be able to simply drink from the tap – benefiting you and the environment.

Have more questions? Click here to find out more from water specialists who live and work in your community.


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